Securing a sustainable future is a collective responsibility. At Radware, we recognize our influence on environmental sustainability, which forms the bedrock of our society and economy. Committed to playing our part, we align with the global objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement, aiming to cap global warming at 1.5°C (2.7°F) above pre-industrial levels-a critical measure for a sustainable future.

Our corporate pledge to sustainability encompasses environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic growth. Through sustainable practices, we aren't just fortifying our company's resilience and ethical standing; we're actively striving for a better world, for current and future generations.

We're dedicated to responsible operations, integrating business approaches that minimize our carbon footprint and safeguard the environment. Moreover, our commitment extends to crafting products that not only benefit our customers but also make positive contributions to society at large. Together, these efforts signify our unwavering dedication to a sustainable and thriving future for all.

Through Our Environmental Policy, Radware Commits to:

  • Comply and go beyond compliance with all applicable environmental laws and standards.
  • Implement, maintain, and continuously improve an environmental management system that guides our environmental procedures and practices across our operations.
  • Ensuring that our products are safe for use, are environmentally friendly, reusable, recyclable and that they are safely disposed of.
  • Reduce our environmental impact throughout the entire value chain and encourage our suppliers to do so as well.
  • Measure and aim to improve our environmental performance by setting relevant KPIs and goals.
  • Publicly disclose and proactively communicate to our stakeholders our environmental objectives, plans, actions and progress.

Steps We Are Taking

Climate Action Strategy

To uphold and fulfill our environmental commitments, we have implemented several projects in the areas of sustainable operations and sustainable products and are working on more initiatives that will further advance us in achieving our environmental goals.

Radware has established a C-level Climate Steering Committee to lead the company's climate action strategy. The committee defines long-term goals, allocates resources and oversees the action plan, ensuring to Radware is in line with current market trends, upcoming regulations and customers' requirements.

We have defined relevant environmental KPIs and are currently focusing on collecting and analyzing the most accurate data possible for informed decision-making and planning. We have enhanced our monitoring and measurement methods for Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions and broadened our Scope 3 inventory.

In line with our dedication, Radware has pledged to the Science Based Targets initiative and is actively working toward establishing reduction targets for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by June 2024. These steps signify our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship and a sustainable future.

Sustainable Operations

Radware is steadfast in its commitment to reducing the environmental footprint across all operational phases. Utilizing comprehensive monitoring systems, we prioritize data-driven decision-making, relying on real-time, precise information to manage our operations efficiently.

Energy Efficiency

  • Provides real-time information and immediate insights into energy consumption and air conditioning data within the building
  • Enables continuous monitoring and measurement of energy usage, facilitating the identification of trends, irregularities, and the implementation of proactive maintenance measures to potentially prevent system failures
  • Estimated annual savings of 10% of electricity consumption per year
  • Designed for optimal efficiency
  • Thermostats integrated into AC systems allow for monitoring and increase overall efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature across the building ensures the highest energy efficiency possible
  • Automatic shut-off features in AC systems are activated during lunchtime and outside office hours, contributing significantly to energy conservation
  • Estimated annual savings of 30% in AC energy consumption
  • Cold/hot corridors strategically constructed within laboratories optimize cooling space and achieve substantial energy savings
  • Integration of automatic lighting systems, including sensors and shutdowns mechanisms, leads to an estimated 2% reduction in annual energy consumption
  • Complete transition to LED lighting and substantial reduction in lighting fixtures result in an estimated annual savings of 40% in lighting consumption
  • Application of anti-sun coatings on windows across all buildings effectively reduces sunlight penetration by approximately 95%, resulting in a 7% reduction in electricity consumption dedicated to air conditioning
  • The installation of a green rooftop at the Radware building involves the use of roofing sheets along with an extensive array of vegetation. This innovative design not only offers an aesthetically pleasing view but also provides effective insulation against heat penetration. As a result, it significantly reduces cooling expenses for the upper floors of the building
  • Implementation of a waste collection center dedicated to recycling diverse materials such as electronics, metals, lighting fixtures, lightbulbs, batteries, bottles, plastics, and nylon
  • Transitioning from personal printers to multi-story printing hubs has yielded substantial savings in paper, ink, and electricity consumption
  • Raising awareness and engaging employees in ongoing campaigns to promote the company's values, savings, and efficiency initiatives through a range of communication channels such as emails, bulletin boards and dedicated awareness campaigns

Sustainable Products and Supply Chain

Radware is deeply committed to global citizenship, offering products and solutions that enhance lives worldwide. We hold ourselves to stringent standards, ensuring our hardware products and packaging comply fully with the environmental requirements in every country we operate in. Our continuous effort is to enhance product efficiency and diminish their environmental footprint. Some of the initiatives in place include:

  • Adhering to the principles of reduce and reuse in production, we endeavor to minimize waste generation at every stage of our manufacturing process.
  • We strive to minimize product packaging by eliminating unnecessary plastic.
  • We actively support the proper end-of-life management of our products by providing customers with all the necessary information for responsible disposal.

Beyond our products, we're devoted to establishing a sustainable supply chain, fostering sustainable operations across all our facilities, and advocating for positive change among our business partners. We actively encourage our partners to elevate their climate strategies and performance, emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility.

We set high standards for our suppliers, urging them to adopt and uphold our rigorous criteria across their business operations and supply chain. Our focus spans environmental and climate-related issues, ensuring that our collective efforts align toward a sustainable future.

Carbon Footprint certification

Measuring Our Performance

We calculate our yearly Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions for all our sites worldwide, following the GHG Protocol guidelines.

Radware is annually audited through a Green House Gas emissions verification audit conducted by Carbon Footprint Ltd according to ISO 14064-3: 2019 verification standard, using the GHG Protocol calculation methodology.

This external certification deems the systems Radware has in place to collect and analyze its GHG emissions as appropriate, which is the basis for defining our climate strategy and current and future projects to achieve Radware’s climate action milestones. View Certificate

Disclosure and Transparency

We openly share our strategies, achievements, and ongoing efforts toward mitigating climate change, reinforcing our dedication to accountability and responsible environmental stewardship. We report annually to CDP and EcoVadis.

Carbon Disclosure Project Report

Radware has obtained a B- score in its 2023 Carbon Disclosure Project report, a widely recognized global disclosure system for companies to manage their environmental impacts. Radware is committed to improving its carbon emissions management and environmental performance and is continuously working towards improving its CDP score yearly.

Read the CDP Score Report - Climate Change 2023

CDP Score Report - Climate Change 2021

Radware has also obtained a B- score in CDP's Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) report, a significant improvement from last year's C score. The CDP SER assesses the effectiveness of companies in engaging their suppliers on climate change and environmental issues and aims to drive transparency and motivate companies to work towards sustainable supply chains. Achieving a B- score reflects our increased efforts in collaborating with suppliers to reduce emissions, manage climate risks, and enhance environmental performance across the supply chain.

Read the CDP Score Report - Supplier Engagement 2023

EcoVadis Report

One of the world's most trusted business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis carries out detailed assessments on companies on environmental, social, and ethical performance. In 2022, Radware received a Bronze Rating standard at EcoVadis.


Our Next Steps

Radware Commits to Set Near-Term Emission Reductions With the SBTi

Radware has committed to set near-term company-wide emission reductions by June 2024, in line with climate science with the SBTi, with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a global body enabling businesses to set ambitious emissions reductions targets. It is focused on accelerating companies across the world to halve emissions before 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions before 2050.

We hope that many companies will follow Radware’s lead.

Our commitment is recorded on


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